Concierge Services

Where our staff becomes part of your team!

Whether you are new to Simplero or been here for a while.
Whether you are doing the tried and true or expanding into new areas for your business, we have options to support you!

Choose the option below that fits your needs to learn more... 

Concierge Migration

We know moving from the familiar to something new can be daunting.

Let us take the stress off and do the work for you!

Starting at $349

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Concierge Setup

Ready to launch a new product or run your first summit? Not sure where to begin or everything that needs to be done? 

Don't stumble through, get it right from the beginning! 

Starting at $199

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Concierge support

We all need a little help sometimes.

This is your personal life line to our support team.

Starting at $50 

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  • “I am still like an infant crawling around trying to find my way in the Simplero world but something inside of me says this platform will bring more positive stuff than I could have hope fore. The Concierge migration service saved me completely and Sherrie has been more than patient with my lack of knowledge in this area. ”

  • “Being new to Simplero, and with very little time to learn all the different ins and outs of the platform before launching my campaign, the Concierge Migration service and Sherrie’s help was vital. Sherrie was just brilliant in the way she took care of everything, from setting up the landing pages to automations. She was quick and very, very service minded all the way through. I highly recommend her and the Concierge Migration if you want a smooth and easy entry into Simplero.”

  • “ I am SO happy with the support and service! Sherrie explained a lot of features, and helped me set things up myself. BUY the Concierge Service and get up and running SO much sooner! ”